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Brussels  Europe & Eurasia, Belgium
Date Founded:1/28/2004  Members:24

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Official club name: The Friendship Force of Brussels


Closest major airport: Brussels

Cost of transportation between the airport and the city (based on 20 people): Hosts transport Ambassadors by private car; no cost.

Maximum number of Ambassadors the club can host:.........

About the club: The Brussels-club was chartered in February 1993. We have 150 members (45 families). The age of our members ranges between 30 and 70 years old. We live in the southeast region of Brussels. Our small community, where everyone knows everyone, belongs to the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. We are all close friends who like to have fun. We love having parties, especially at night, because most of our members are still active (ex. doctors, business people, pharmacists, teachers, etc.).

About the region: Although Belgium is a small country, Ambassadors can visit many interesting places. The most well known sites are Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, the Belgian coast in Flanders, and the Ardennes in Walloon. Also, the smaller towns in our region have very historic backgrounds.
Belgium is famous for its good food, chocolate and candies. The possibility of tasting 400 different kinds of strong local beers brings your visit to a "funny" highlight. The climate is quite good from May until September. Only rain can temper the joy of your stay in our country.

About the exchanges: Hosts greet their Ambassadors at the airport in Brussels. We plan every minute of your stay with us. In addition to a welcome party and farewell dinner, we arrange one other evening activity. Examples are beer tasting, Brussels wafers party, and barbecue. There is usually no extra cost for these activities for the Ambassadors. We only ask extra money for lunches at noon during visits to the sites. Our club invites those of you who enjoy a "party-time" of seven days.



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